Aceite Garay Virgen Extra
10 Reasons

What makes Garay's olive oil extra virgin farmhouse gourmet "different"?

IT´S TASTE, Why? Meet the top 10 reasonsthat make a difference:

Own production: control the whole cultivation, use of pesticides authorized and approved.If not, that is, if we bought olives from other producers, would not guarantee a complete traceability, and ensure that only healthy fruit and collect at their peak of ripeness.

  1. Collection during veraison: Pick up at the moment of ripeness, ripening, when the fruit changes from green to purple. At this stage the fruit offers its best juice aromas and flavors not losing as opposed to late harvest. Sacrifice volume for quality because the fruit at veraison not offer the most amount of oil, if not more mature crops.
  2. Picking fruit from the tree only, never land. In the olive (olive fly) the fruit is fully healthy, while on the ground, the fruit begins to deteriorate. (It is common practice in this sector to collect and grind so much soil as tree). Many kilos on the ground are killed solely for high quality fruit and healthy.
  3. Transfer food pvc tapes, not rubber, because the rubber unwanted odors can penetrate the fruit.
  4. Milling on the same day of collection, since we have our own facilities. From the harvest to milling spend no more than 3 hours. This process is done and no time for the olive to Atroje and deteriorate.
  5. First Cold Extraction: oil extraction system that ensures the oil's organoleptic qualities are altered. Conventional logging (not cold) alters the properties of oil, while getting as much oil, its quality is inferior to a cold extraction for filing mass at high temperatures. Packs only the best of the best, and so do a single extraction, since in the remaining oil is not obtained quality.
  6. Storage rendered inert stainless steel tanks. We guarantee the highest quality while retaining the oil in these tanks with nitrogen to prevent food spoilage and oxidation of the oil.
  7. Packaging on request: What guarantees maximum freshness of a new product packaging.
  8. Natural acidity of 0.1º: A high acidity in the extra virgin olive oil is the result of fermentation of the olives, whether by illness, defect or over-ripeness. Cortijo Garay oils characterized by a very low acidity, synonymous with high quality.
  9. Oil exclusive marketing year: we only sell our olive oil from the campaign in place, not long-lived oil bottling that do not offer the highest quality and freshness.
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